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What Is Brigadeiro, Its Origin, And The Best Ways To Enjoy It?

Simply THE most known, most popular, and most beloved Brazilian party treat

These little chocolate fudge truffles aka Brigadeiro are possibly THE most known, most popular, and most loved Brazilian party treat and yet is one of the most classic Brazilian desserts.

So, famous and so Brazilian, it’s safe to say that might be part of the Brazilian DNA.

It’s easy, ask any Brazilian, and they’ll confirm. Brigadeiros are like a chocolaty treasure; it’s impossible not to love it.

What is Brigadeiro?

Starting from the beginning, I bet you don’t know how to pronounce it, right?

If so, congratulations, if not here we go: Bree-gah-day-ro = Brigadeiro. Got it? Easy, right?

This simple dessert and yet classic, it’s easy to make with just a handful of ingredients.

Mainly condensed milk, butter, and chocolate powder – you know, the kind you add to milk like Nesquik, widely used in Brazil, not the cocoa powder.

You can make Brigadeiro with cocoa powder too, but there’s a slightly different process. We’ll get to that on another post.

What is the origin of Brigadeiro?

The most acceptable popular belief of the history of the Brigadeiro recipe has its origin on 40′.

In 1946, Eduardo Gomes, a famous Brazilian Air Force Brigadier (General-Brigadeiro do Ar in Portuguese), ran for president.

Eduardo Gomes

Eduardo Gomes was famous for putting to an end a communist coup which attempts in Rio de Janeiro's early 1920s.

Eduardo Gomes was famous for putting to an end a communist coup which attempts in Rio de Janeiro’s early 1920s.

The interest spins to it include this political situation where Eduardo is good-looking and single.

He was hugely admired among the female circles and, of course, very much accessible and well supported by the population.

So, this famous chocolate fudge truffle was named in his rank Brigadeiro.

Some saying that they came up with an excellent idea of a political slogan where it said – For president Vote for Brigadeiro, “who is beautiful and single”.

As a result, they made these little sweet candies balls and “sold” on the streets as a gesture of support for Eduardo Gomes running for president that year.

What are the best ways to enjoy it?

We from The Favorite Sweets are specialized in creating a variety of flavors of Brigadeiro , and we suggest the following ways to best enjoy it.


Of course, the traditional way is to make bite-sized truffle fudge balls of any flavor and adding sprinkles of any flavors to it.

topping or ‘sauce’ or fondue-like

Sometimes, we can do as topping or ‘sauce’ that we just eat with a spoon, or dip fruits in like fondue, or even make a homemade corn cake and put Brigadeiro chocolate fudge all over the top.

We from The Favorite Sweets traditionally use chocolate callebaut, chocolate flakes, chocolate curls, or crunchy balls on our recipes.

Because our recipe is more refined and delicate and the beauty of this recipe is the flexibility and testability.

The possibilities are endless, don’t forget to check our available flavors and our unforgettable gift boxes in our shop.


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