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Want to undertake abroad? Discover the advantages

Is undertake abroad worthwhile?

Having your own business, turning ideas into reality, innovating, and making your schedule is a dream of many Brazilians, whether it’s because you can’t get a job or even.

After all, entrepreneurial blood is in your blood.

However, this dream can be complicated in Brazil due to the high tax rates, bureaucratic business opening processes, taxes, and other aspects.

An alternative that has been growing more and more is not to let the dream of having your own company die is to undertake abroad.

According to a survey carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 2017, more than 20,000 Brazilians were already opening companies in other countries.

The expectations are that with the crisis caused by the pandemic, this number will grow even more.

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Small businesses that have a lot of strength abroad, because of the shared or collaborative economy

Companies and projects such as Airbnb and Uber are some of the main business models that have gained more space and customers thanks to their customers’ practicality and convenience.

A great idea to get inspired for your new business.

Specialized Beauty Salon

A niche business opportunity is opening salons specializing in a single hair type.

In this way, it is possible to stand out from the competition and gain customers’ trust since all specialized employees are in a specific need.

Snack bars

The food industry does not stop growing even in the crisis, which is why it is excellent for those who want to start a business with less risk abroad.

Food truck

Food trucks are already a trend around the world and continue to be an excellent option for having a small business in another country without investing a lot.


Companies like The Favorite Sweets that bring the essence of typical Brazilian sweets with a touch of sophistication to offer unique flavors are gaining more and more space in the United States and Europe.

Mobile companies

Another segment growing abroad is the mobile business, where instead of the customer going to the place to access the services, the company goes to them wherever they are.

Advantages of undertake abroad

It has never been easier to see products and services that are references in their cultures expand to other countries and greatly accepted by local businesses.

Besides, there are several reasons to open a business or even expand it in another country.

The advantages and facilities are countless when compared to the opening of projects in Brazil.

Above all the reasons, some stand out and shine the eyes of new entrepreneurs when it comes to having a company in another country, and we’ve separated the main ones here for you:

  • Appreciation of products

The original raw materials used, the process in which we make the products, and their regional characteristics create unique qualities and attributes that make the customer appreciate it even more.

An example of this advantage is The Favorite Sweets brigadeiros.

We gather the best of the traditional Brazilian brigadeiro with a gourmet touch, creating unique flavors that delight those who try it.

  • More features

In other countries, many more investment funds invest in venture capital, new companies; this offers more confidence and security to the entrepreneur.

  • Lower cost for companies

Undertakings in countries like the United States and Europe cost much less when compared to countries like Brazil.

  • New markets

Exploring new regions and attracting new customers facilitates the viability of the new business; this increases the range of opportunities for the entrepreneur.

  • Have more growth opportunities

Going abroad can help you access resources and market opportunities that were previously only available to large companies.

  • Currency appreciation

Foreign currencies such as the dollar and euro have a lower risk of devaluation and inflation.


As you can see, going abroad is an excellent opportunity for you to start your business, whatever its size.

By expanding your borders, you will find people who also value and are interested as much, if not more, than your local market.

Believe in your business, study the market and take risks in the possibilities you can find.

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