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Gourmet Brigadeiro: Before You Know You Need It

Even in this universe of mixtures, a type of chocolate stands out: the Brazilian gourmet brigadeiro. Rich in culture, diversity, and combinations, this delicious sweet shines the eyes of the beholder.

Chocolate is one of the most popular and well-known products in the world. Each region has a recipe and a special way to prepare and enjoy this delicious dessert.

Why is the brigadeiro gourmet so successful?

Gourmet brigadeiro is the sensation of the moment. Its unique flavor has conquered more and more dessert plates around the world.

In addition, it is one of the preferred options for dessert and decoration at parties and events.

Here is your favorite Brigadeiro Gourmet

What changes from the traditional brigadeiro to the brigadeiro gourmet?

The answer is everything!

In gourmet chocolates, everything is different:

  • The production process;
  • Types of cocoa beans;
  • Percentage of cocoa;
  • Packing;
  • Combination with various ingredients;
  • Creativity.

These are the main items that make this product a true taste experience.

One thing is for sure; the brigadeiro is here to stay and innovate the way people consume sweets.

Therefore, it has been gaining more and more recognition and fans abroad.

For Brazilians, finding this type of dessert is not very difficult.

Numerous companies offer each one with a different style and proposal.

Now, finding the artisanal brigadeiro abroad is already a challenge. And those who have already tried it always get a taste of wanting more.

Thinking about this situation and helping those who are still new to brigadeiro gourmet, the Essential Line was born, click here to discover.

Why the brigadeiro gourmet is conquering the world?

Anyone who comes to Brazil and gets to know the famous typical foods such as açaí, coxinha, pamonha, and brigadeiro, will return home wanting to take a little of each in their suitcase.

However, Brazilians living abroad and foreigners have difficulty finding these true and delicious delicacies because they are typical here.

From Brazil to the world: discover our Essential Line

For those who haven’t tried the famous gourmet brigadeiros end up wondering where to start amidst so many flavor options; that’s why we’ve created an exclusive collection with special curation for you to discover the main and most beloved flavors of brigadeiros gourmets.

Due to artisanal process it is mainly produced, with exclusive recipes and the best and finest products that guarantee not only a deliciously soft, creamy brigadeiro that melts in your mouth but a magical moment.

Twenty-One Brigadeiros Essential Gift Box

There are eight delicious flavors options for you to surprise your taste buds and venture out

Traditional Brigadeiro: it is the essence of Brazil’s popular and original brigadeiro, with a special touch to make it even more creamy.

Caramel Brigadeiro: the combination of the traditional and the daring: brigadeiro à milk with caramel flowers.

Coffee Brigadeiro: this option shows how chocolate goes with everything. The delicious milk with a special touch of coffee.

White Chocolate Brigadeiro: For those who want an even sweeter experience, our version of pure white chocolate is perfect.

Chocolate Strawberry Brigadeiro: a unique combination of chocolate and strawberry immediately conquers those who try it.

Nestlé NIDO Brigadeiro: this option is a real trip back in time, where the combination of ingredients reminds you of your childhood.

Coconut Beijinho” Brigadeiro: essential for anyone venturing into the world of brigadeiros, the kiss is one of the most popular and desired flavors. The combination of white chocolate and coconut will surprise you.

Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro: for those who like not-so-sweet combinations, our version of bitter brigadeiro, delicious and fine Belgian chocolate.

With this flavor sequence, it is even easier to discover, little by little, all the versatility that the brigadeiro gourmet can offer you.

Do you want to know even more about our Essential Line and how The Favorite Sweet is conquering more and more Dutch? Click Here!

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