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Brigadeiro: the must-have sweet for your party to be a success

When it comes to party and events, two things cannot be missing: music and Brigadeiro.

This sweet, which is the favorite of most Brazilians, is synonymous with party, fun, union, friendship, and unforgettable experiences.

That is exactly why it is essential in any party, be it a more corporate event, a children’s party, or even a wedding.

In addition to being a true national passion, the brigadeiro has increasingly conquered foreign tastes and is known abroad as “Brazilian truffles” due to its soft texture that melts in the mouth and its unique flavor.

What is the origin of the brigadeiro?

Before we continue talking about how the brigadeiro makes all the difference in an event, let’s talk about the fact that few people know: the origin of the brigadeiro.

Soon after the end of World War II, the political dictatorship of Getúlio Vargas in Brazil also ended, and for that reason, new elections needed to take place.

On this dispute for the presidency, there was a candidate who was a military officer with a Brigadeiro rank named Eduardo Gomes.

Because of his appearance, he had a great acceptance with the female public who, to help in his campaign and thus garner votes, decided to have sugary parties and movements.

As the country was going through a crisis, fans of candidate Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes could not buy milk and eggs to make recipes like cake and needed to innovate. So, they used condensed milk and margarine to mix with the chocolate, thus creating a unique candy that they nicknamed “brigadeiro’s candy.”

Although, the candidate did not win the election, Brazil won a real delicacy, which even today conquers those who try it, and that is exactly why it is known as a party sweet.

Traditional or Gourmet brigadeiro for my party?

The traditional version of the sweet is made with condensed milk, margarine, and powdered chocolate.

Still, the brigadeiro has been gaining more and more a touch of sophistication and achieving a gourmet version.

The so-called brigadeiro gourmet is a real success.

The combination with other ingredients creates unique flavors that make what was good even better.

The main difference between gourmet and traditional brigadeiro is the raw material used in its preparation:

Traditional Brigadeiro

The sweet, delicious, and original Brazilian brigadeiro is made with condensed milk, chocolate milk, powdered chocolate, and a spoonful of butter. Its simple recipe is what most attracts chocolate lovers.

Gourmet Brigadeiros

Its essence is to bring the traditional condensed milk and butter flavor, but with a premium touch and even more refined.

Instead of chocolate, fine chocolates such as Belgian chocolate and cocoa are also part of the composition instead of chocolate.

In addition, the confectionery for decoration Sweets is also refined to complement the flavor using for example: Chocolate chips, chestnuts, blossoms, crispy, nibs, and many others.

The brigadeiro gourmet also becomes part of the event’s decoration thanks to its differentiated and delicate presentation that shines the eyes of the beholder.

One thing is certain

Whatever the type, the brigadeiro must not be missing from your party!

Here at The Favorite Sweets, we combine the affection and tradition of traditional brigadeiros with a touch of boldness and sophistication to offer our customers a true taste experience.

Wedding sweet table for Jakellynny & Bart

Surprise with different brigadeiro flavors from The Favorite Sweets on your party

You need to have unique sweets for an unforgettable party, and nothing better than surprising your guests with handmade brigadeiros.

We offer exclusive collections of gourmet brigadeiros made from a special curatorship to make your event unique.

There are several options of brigadeiros that bring the taste and essence of Brazil’s most beloved sweet with a premium touch. Discover some of our mouth-watering options:

  • White Chocolate Pistachio Brigadeiro: ideal option to please all palates, including the most demanding. Our combination of the sweetness of our fine white chocolate with the smoothness and crunch of pistachios.
  • Dark chocolate with Baileys® Liqueur: unlike anything you’ve ever tried, this brigadeiro brings the perfect combination of the sweet and sour liqueur with the slight bitterness of the chocolate for you to enjoy a smooth and sophisticated flavor.
  • Chocolate Brigadeiro with Lemon: if you love balanced flavors (not too sweet or bitter), you will love this combination of sweet brigadeiro and sour lemon
  • White chocolate: classic, delicate, and creamy are the perfect words to translate our white chocolate brigadeiro.
  • Brigadeiro de Nestlé NIDO® and Milk Nest®: an exclusive line of ours that is a real trip back in time. We combine strong childhood flavors like nest milk and NIDO with the sweetness of chocolate.
  • Caramel Brigadeiro with Milk Chocolate: this is another excellent choice for palates.
    • A delicious brigadeiro with milk sprinkled with fine chocolate and delightful caramel flowers gives an extra touch of sweetness and creaminess.

Did you like our gourmet brigadeiro tips? Click here, check out our complete collection of flavors that will surprise your guests and make your event memorable, regardless of style and size.

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