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Brigadeiro: Discover Benefits Of Chocolate For You

If you are passionate about chocolate you will love Brigadeiro whether in gift box, bars, chocolates, white, sour cream, or milk, chocolate is one of the most loved desserts in the world!

But still believe it has no benefit, this text is for you! and despite being highly desired, it has a bad reputation: chocolate is not good for your health.

How many times during a weight loss process have you stopped eating chocolate? Or have you heard someone say it’s addictive? Probably many times, right?

Some people associate dessert with the development of illnesses such as diabetes. as chocolate is caloric and you should eat less

But after all, is chocolate a health villain? You’ll be more than happy to know the answer is NO! It has numerous benefits that you probably didn’t even know about, and you’ll be amazed when you find out.

Discover the benefits of chocolate in everyday life

Chocolate is a great ally in bodybuilding

Many athletes prefer to replace their famous shakes and supplements with a dark chocolate bar, for example: this type of chocolate has an epicatechin substance that increases oxygenation in the body and can do more intense activities for longer.

In addition, it also helps to reduce fatigue so that the athlete can train longer.

Protects skin and heart

That’s right, you read, chocolate helps to take care of skin and heart health thanks to its antioxidant substances that can neutralize free radicals generated occasionally by stress, sun, and other normal situations of everyday life.

It takes care of the skin and our heart health, as it helps to lower blood pressure and improve the circulation of blood vessels.

Helps fight cough

As effective as the famous honey and lemon tea, chocolate helps fight coughs thanks to an ingredient called theobromine. Also, eating a little chocolate to improve your cough doesn’t make you sleepy like many medications.

Holy and delicious medicine for PMS

There are several hormonal fluctuations, mood swings, and especially discomfort due to cramps during this period.

Chocolate can be a great ally for all these aspects!

When eating it, the areas of the brain responsible for pleasure are activated. That is, the feeling of well-being and relief floods the body.

It helps maintain healthy memory

Eating small amounts of chocolate in the long term improves our cognitive ability, attention, reasoning and makes our memory more active.

Furthermore, chocolate helps improve blood circulation in the brain, lowering the risk of stroke.

It leaves your skin soft and bright

Naturally, our skin is dry due to the sun, products, little hydration, and other common situations in the rush of the day.

A cheap and delicious alternative for this situation is a chocolate moisturizer. That’s right, apply the chocolate directly to the skin!

The lipids found in cocoa help replenish moisture, maintain its natural oiliness and create a layer of protection against further damage.

Elevates good cholesterol levels

In addition to being delicious, dark chocolates have a higher cocoa content in their composition, which contains a very important substance called proliferous, which helps to improve the good cholesterol and reduce the bad one.

More energy for your day

It’s not just the coffee that helps keep you awake and in the mood. The chocolate also offers a different mindset for you!

Just as chocolate helps to combat PMS symptoms due to the sensation of pleasure, it also helps in energy production thanks to its substances and the fact that it has caffeine in its composition.

Now, without a doubt, chocolate is an excellent ally to our health in several aspects.

However with so much variety on the market, do you know how to differentiate the types of chocolate?

If the answer is no, we will help you!

In the next topic, you will understand what changes from one type of chocolate to another and how this can impact taste and health.

Understand the difference between brigadeiro made with dark, white, and milk chocolates

They are all chocolates; what changes from one to the other is their composition.

Chocolate usually has three basic ingredients: cocoa, fat (cocoa butter), and sugar. The type of chocolate will vary depending on the quantities of these three items.

Bitter has more cocoa (from 40% to 70%) and less sugar, e. Hence its stronger taste and color.

Brigadeiro Low Fat Nibs 70
Brigadeiro Low Fat Nibs 70%
Made with Callebaut Chocolate Callets – Extra Dark (70.5%)

The milk has less than 40% cocoa with powdered milk or condensed milk and sugar.

Milk Chocolate Brigadeiro
Milk Chocolate Brigadeiro
Made with Callebaut Chocolate Callets – Dark (54.5%)

White chocolates, known for their extremely sweet taste, have nothing to do with cocoa. This type is made from cocoa butter and with milk and sugar, so it is white.

White Chocolate Brigadeiro
White Chocolate Brigadeiro
Made with Callebaut Chocolate Callets – White (32%)

Can I eat Brigadeiro chocolate every day?

The answer is yes! You can consume chocolate every day but in moderation.

Nonetheless, to have all the benefits you read in the article, not lose your conscience and still enjoy the taste of chocolate, the ideal is to opt for the bitter and semi-sweet types and eat about two to three squares a day (approximately 10g to 15g).

As you can read, the key to good health and not having to cut chocolate out of your routine is to eat in moderation.

Don’t forget always to research the origin of the candy, the process, and the quality of ingredients.

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