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About us

@TheFavorite Sweets

Serving Artisanal Brigadeiro in the Netherlands
since 2018

The Favorite Sweets is an Eindhoven based artisanal Brigadeiro crafting business that is dedicated to delivering high-quality Brigadeiro produced solely from home and handmade.

We start in 2018 to create an artistic interpretation of specialized in craft Brigadeiro, the Brazilian classic childhood party treat, and we follow a quality standard, from the finest Belgian chocolates to sufficient dedication in the preparation of each recipe, as well as in its packaging specially created.

– We’re on a mission to bring real artisanal Brigadeiro to real chocolate lovers all over the Netherlands.

After all, the favorite sweets need a beautiful package to represent it.

Our Promise to You


100% Handmade

It’s notorious our appeal for handmade products because of its intrinsic creative process.


High Quality

From the best Dutch condensed milk to the finest Belgian chocolate.


Fair Trade

Guaranteed the best possible prices based on adequate work conditions and a fairer deal to our customers.


Always Fresh

Fresh sweets are a prerequisite for us because we believe that sharing with loved ones turns everyday moments into something special.

Meet our Team

Know who is behind the scenes when we produce the best artisanal Brazilian chocolate truffle, traditionally called Brigadeiro for you.

Gabi Ferreira
Gabi Ferreira

Brigadeiro Specialist

Thiago Moreira
Thiago Moreira

Business and Tech Manager

Barbara Ernandes
Barbara Ernandes

Customer Support &
Social Media Manager Assistance


Some feedback from our clients

I tried the famous brigadeiro balls during the feel good market once. They are so yummy! This week I ordered the special King’s day edition, again, super yummy! Love the taste and the size 🤩 made with love and passion!

We use brigadeiros as currency at home 😊! that’s how delicious they are!
Last night we got the strawberries with chocolate as well. absolutely fantastic.

I loved it! The brigadeiros taste amazing! 😋😋Congratulations!

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