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Handcrafted Chocolate Brigadeiro

The Handcrafted Brigadeiro Chocolate are a Brazilian party sweets classic created in the ’40s, originally made with condensed milk, chocolate powder, and butter, slowly cooked until it reaches its right thickness

“A sweet story, an experience of taste”

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High Quality
High Quality

Our appeal for 100% handmade products is notorious because of its intrinsic creative process, from the best Nestlé® Sweetened Condensed Milk to the finest Callebaut® Belgian Chocolate

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

Fresh sweets are a prerequisite because sharing with loved ones turns everyday moments into something more than special

Best Warranty
Fair Trade

We guarantee the best possible prices based on honest homemade working conditions and a fairer deal to our customers.



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Handcrafted Brigadeiro Chocolate Subscription Box
Subscription Brigadeiro Box


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Subscription Box

If you are one of those people who can’t do without your favorite sweet and are also passionate about Handcrafted Brigadeiro Chocolate, I have to tell you something.

Congratulations, you are one of us!! You are a Brigadeiro Lovers.

There is something better than receiving a box of Brigadeiro stuffed with the flavor of your favorite Brigadeiro every month, guaranteed?

So, don’t miss it and sign up to be part of this club, this tribe. #BrigadeiroLovers

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